Christmas Stocking Holders

There is nothing, perhaps, more rewarding a Christmas gift for kids than the ones inside the Christmas stocking. These gifts indicate that they have been nice all year round to deserve the gift from Santa Claus.

Christmas stockings are usually placed in decorative Christmas stocking holders – they not only keep the stockings safe in place above the firewall or on the wall; they are in themselves part of the Christmas decorations.

These holders come in a variety of designs and materials, usually depending on where they are placed. Popular ones are Christmas stocking mantle holders and Christmas stocking holders for fireplace.


Variety of Styles, Materials and Designs Available in Markets

There several of types of Christmas stocking holders with the major differences being materials used. Other differences will be found in purpose of holders, designs and installation procedures. Read on to know more about stocking holders:

  • When one wants to achieve a theme with history lines, maintain elegance and class then brass Christmas stocking holders are what to go for when it comes to decorations. They are made of brass or colored brass and have that rustic, antique feel to it.
  • Wooden stocking holders are another type of Christmas stocking holders. They are intricately designed and polished for a finer look and feel. Popular wood materials include the pinewood. These are perfect for the country home feel.
  • Mantle clip stocking holders are also used during holiday seasons. They are usually placed on a fireplace mantle or panels where they hold well using a clip. This clip enables a user to attach and detach one any time they feel like. They can as well be crafted and painted to suit your choice.


Choices for Christmas stocking holders are available both in craft shops and online shops (with more unique variations). You can also have them custom made to perfectly go in line with your Christmas decors. Or for an even more personal touch, you can choose to do them yourself. You can easily find easy to follow DIY ideas on steps and materials on making them yourself.

Stocking holders must not stop at being useful. And securing your Christmas stockings need not be bland and boring. Christmas stocking holders add up to the entire holiday feel of your homes, as well as keep your kids’ most deserved holiday rewards.