Stocking Holders

The tradition of hanging stockings and the use of stocking holders is commonly observed during the holiday season. It’s been a tradition for most families and a much-awaited season for children who are waiting for their Christmas gifts or goodies hidden on those large stockings on Christmas day. Most Christmas stocking holders are usually installed in mantles or panels located on top of fireplaces, but for homes which do not have fireplaces, the panels and holders are fixed at the walls in the living area, stair, cases and even at the back of the door. With said flexibility, there is no reason for any household not to take part in this fun and merry giving tradition.

Popular Stocking Holders

There are several types of stocking hangers, which are available in the market. Among the distinctions include the type of material used in crafting the holders, the design of the holders, how they are installed, and the particular purpose for each type of holder.

  • The Brass Stocking Hangers. Stocking holders made out of brass or perhaps colored brass are the common types used during the holiday season. Aside from the favorite red and green colors during Christmas and New Year, brass motifs also never miss a household spot. Brass is mainly associated with history, tradition, and provides that unique mystery, class, and elegance to any Christmas theme. Aside from brass Christmas stocking holders for fireplace, candle holders, Christmas bells, and other decorative items are usually made or colored brass.
  • Mantle Clip Stocking Holders. Another popular and commonly used holder for holiday stockings is the mantle clip type. As its name implies, this hangers have curves or clip-like features which enable them to be attached and detached from the fireplace mantle or upper-panel whenever necessary. They are also made out of crafted metals usually painted silver or brass.

  • Wood Stocking Hangers. Other favorite stocking hangers of most households during Christmas time are those crafted from real pinewood or tree. The perfectly crafted and polished ones can be bought at home depots, or, you may also create these types of holders yourself. Using rounded tree trunks or branches and adding up decorative materials can certainly do the trick.

Considerations When Installing the Holders

Purchasing or making your ideal stocking holders for mantle is not the end of the task. Another important aspect to take note of is the proper installation of these holders in terms of location and material safety. The following safety points should be of help.

  • Ensure that installed hangers maintain a safe distance between the socks hanged and the fireplace’s main combustion chamber. Aside from risks of burning the socks and goodies inside it, you don’t want to risk your own home.
  • Ensure that the holders or hangers are firmly or strongly held in place. If they are loosely attached, the socks and its contents may eventually drop and get damaged.
  • Ensure that the chosen holders especially their hooks are child-safe or child-friendly. Children are always eager to take a peek and play with their socks, and sharp or pointed hooks may pose risks.

All Year Round Decorative Holders

Contrary to conventional knowledge, stocking holders may not only be used during the Christmas holidays but these functionalities are more than required all throughout the year. The holders may also be placed in other areas of the house where it is needed for decorative purposes or their main use as item hangers. The holders can alternately be used to keep keys, decorative items and ornaments, cloth hangers, mails, key chains, potholders or hand towels, and all other imaginable uses. Whichever your purpose is, you can be sure of that these stocking holders are really handy for your home.